“Out there is more fun” … perhaps day trip hiking, sailing, beach combing, gold panning, metal detecting historical sites and treasures, historical ship wreck locations; old growth forests, rivers.. fly fishing …what is your interest?  Participate or learn a new activity.   I am ready.  Are you?  

Land and sea adventuring in British Columbia offers an extraordinary menu.    “Adventures Shared” opens a door to really get “out there” for an experience.   For most, it is not practical to own the extensive/expensive “kit” for both land and sea adventuring.  Over the past 20 years I have acquired the “kit” and experience.  Come along with me on my land and sea adventures, the latter aboard ocean going 36′ sailboat.  You contribute to costs and some light duty participation.

Share my lifetime of outdoors experience with 20 years exploring the entire coast of BC.   Share the experience of the beauty of coastal BC from urban to wilderness.  This a shared activity invitation.  Much the same as friends getting together to plan an adventure together … not a charter.  We share costs and some light duties for the love of being “out there”.   I will take 2 along on multi day coastal trips or several more for day trip beach combing or guided hikes to popular trails. 

Spring to fall good weather months involves more distant, multi day  adventuring.  For winter months, it is day tripping.   I like to visit a marine park at the north end of Denman Island.   This is a great area to wander the dunes,  beachcomb, view large numbers of migratory seabirds, wildlife, seals and sea lions.   Good clamming and oysters and weather permitting flounder fishing also excites.  Excellent trails (drive to) abound in this region.   Guided hikes along the famous Stamp salmon spawning river wandering through old growth forest … enjoy the quiet peace of winter stillness both land and sea.

Got an interest that involves a BC adventure… let me know and let us plan something together.

Accommodations Needed?  We have a bed and breakfast here: